Sagrada Familia tours are available starting on July 1st, 2023. Due to a system update, some days might show fewer available tickets. Feel free to contact us to confirm availability and we will book it together.

Sagrada Familia Tour

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Did you know The “Basilica de la Sagrada Familia” is it still a work in progress?

Sagrada Familia Tour

I bet you’ve seen the pictures of the Basilica, but let me tell you the pictures are far from reality, Sagrada Familia has so many wonders to offer, the colors, the architecture, the spaces, the greatness all over the place will cover your senses. So many details to discover there, up to the point it is considered the masterwork of Gaudi and as well, a place where some people have been working for almost a lifetime!

In this tour, we talk about the whereabouts of the building, of course, but we’ll also try to find out why and how Antoni Gaudi (1852- 1926) systematically thought and worked, and brought his projects to daylight. And most important, we´ll throw light on symbols, since Gaudi loved them as he was a Freemason –from those he helped to complete to those he merely envisioned.

After the tour ends, you can stay inside the monument until closing time, so bring fully charged batteries and one (almost) empty SD card!

General Information

Tour prices


Adults: €50

(Between 13 - 64)
Adults копия

Children: €29

(Between 0 - 12)

Seniors: €48

(Between 65 - 120)

Tour information

What Will You Do?

Sagrada Familia has a different system compared with other attractions. Before entering the Basilica, the guides must check-in and declare how many clients they are guiding at the moment, normally is a fast process, while the group waits in a direct line to enter (Do not let anyone fool you, every group has to go through that process, there is no such thing as Fast Pass or Skip the Line).

After passing inside we start the visit facing the Nativity Façade, then we go inside the main nave and enjoy every little detail Sagrada Familia has to offer, later we pass to the Passion Façade to learn about it and we finish at the museum.

The visit ends inside so you can stay there for all the time you need. Once you’re out you cannot return, so its important to make the most of your time inside.

What's Included?

Entrance ticket
Fast Pass

What's NOT Included?

Transportation and hotel pick-up
From 50€ / adult
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Additional Information


Meet the Guides

CAT | DE | EN | ES | FR
Anna Beltrán
CAT | EN | ES | FR
Meeting point

Meeting Point

Avinguda de Gaudí, 2 08025 Barcelona

Meeting point

Meeting Point

Avinguda de Gaudí, 2 08025 Barcelona



In order to make the most of the time, we need you to be at the meeting point 10 minutes before the tour starts. You will find our guide with an umbrella with our logo. The ticket is only for one time entry, that’s why you should take all the pictures you like and enjoy every part of it, while you´re inside, because once outside, you cannot reenter. Also, and extremely important, Sagrada Familia has a dress code, please they are very strict with it; shoulders and back must be covered as well as no transparency or short outfits. Also, there are not allowed hats inside the Basilica.

Fun facts

Fun Facts!

There is an urban legend that says the apartments located in front of the original entry of Sagrada Familia (Mallorca between Sardenya and Marina) are going to be demolished in order to finish the construction. Ask your guide about it!!!!

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