20 interesting facts about Pablo Picasso we learned in Barcelona!
20 interesting facts about Pablo Picasso we learned in Barcelona!

20 interesting facts about Pablo Picasso we learned in Barcelona!


This is not only about Pablo Picasso’s paintings…

Pablo Picasso is one of the most renounced Spanish artists from the 20th Century. Here in Barcelona, we have the honor to live amongst his work and enjoy an important collection in a place, I’d say, full of magic at the Picasso Museum. 

Since I’d like to be dynamic sometimes, I’ve thought about how to bring all this knowledge to you in a fun way.

So here are the facts I have talked about Pablo Picasso:

  1. Pablo Picasso was born in Málaga on October, 25th of 1881, in a family with artistic tradition, his father was a painter and a Teacher in The Art Academy of San Telmo.  
  2. At the age of 10 YO Picasso’s father got a job in La Coruña, so the entire family moved out there. Also, the young Picasso started his artistic studies back there in 1892.
  3. In 1895 the family moved to Barcelona where Picasso started his studies at the Art Academy in Llotja.
  4. In 1897 he moved to Madrid and started his studies in the Academy of Arts in San Fernando.
  5. In 1898 he gets the Scarlet Fever and later on, he moves back to Barcelona.
  6. In 1900 he had his first individual expo at “Els Quatre Gats” a famous bar in Barcelona nowadays, because it was frequently visited by him and his friends. Also in September of the same year, he traveled to Paris for the first time to attend The Paris Universal Expo where one of Pablo Picasso’s paintings was exhibited. The fun fact about this painting is that is missing.  
  7. In 1901, Picasso experienced a few relevant changes in his life, and in the same year is when he, started with his known “Época Azul” 
  8. In 1904, he finally moves out to Montmartre, Paris, where he meets Fernande Olivier, who’s going to be his partner for 8 years approx.
  9. The “Cubism art” starting point arrives in 1907 when he paints “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”.
  10. Eva Goel lands in Picasso’s life back in 1911 but is not until they start their relationship one year later after he breaks up with Fernande.
  11. In 1913 his father died and he spent some days attending the burial.
  12. The next 2 years are gonna be tuff for Picasso, first in 1914 his friends and “Cubism partners” are summoned for war, representing the end of the “Cubism” as a movement. And, in 1915 Eva Gouel dies from tuberculosis, leaving an enormous hole in Picasso’s heart.
  13. Picasso and the Russian Ballets. In 1916 he met Serge de Diaghilev, director of the Ballet Company, and in 1917 Picasso traveled to Italy to start his collaboration with this Company. This fact launched Picasso’s creativity and made him improve himself and his “Cubism” in creating these scenarios and implementing his experience. In this period he meets Olga Khokhlova, who will become his wife later on.
  14. The next years 3-4 years are very exciting for Picasso, between his new inspiration and art related to the Ballet and the birth of his child Paulo.
  15. From 1925 to 1938 he gets involved with friends who were part of the surrealist movement, but he doesn’t participate per se.
  16. In 1925 he meets Marie-Thérèse Walter and starts a relationship with her until 1936 and they have a girl named Maya.
  17. During the war in 1936, he meets Dora Maar a photographer from the surrealist movement, which later becomes her partner. In that same year, he became the Honorable Director of the Prado Museum in Madrid.
  18. From May to June of 1937 he became “the painter of Guernica” willing to present it at the International Expo in Paris, on the Spanish pavilion.
  19. In 1939 his mother dies and then he decides not to come back to Spain until the Franco regimen is over.  
  20. In 1943 he meets Françoise Gilot, a young female painter who will be his partner for the next 10 years and share two children’s fatherhood: Claude and Paloma.

I’ll finish this first part of Picasso’s life with this love story. I hope you’ve enjoyed and learned a lot about Pablo Picasso as I did writing this post.

Thanks so much for your time.

See you in my next post,

Bye Bye

I’ll leave the map so you can check the Picasso Museum located in the Gothic Neighborhood in Barcelona.


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