Barcelona Travel Tips – Top 10 Things You Must Know Before Visiting in 2021
Barcelona Travel Tips – Top 10 Things You Must Know Before Visiting in 2021

Barcelona Travel Tips – Top 10 Things You Must Know Before Visiting in 2021


Famous for its lively architecture, sandy beaches, and exquisite cuisines, Barcelona is surely a place to visit and explore. But, as a tourist, there are certain things you need to know before you venture into the home of the Blaugrana. These Barcelona travel tips will make it easier for you to relate with the city and the locals, and they will also give you a heads-up on safety practices within the city.

Here are 10 tips you need to know before visiting the Cuidad Condal.

Barcelona Travel Tip 1 – Safety

The foremost, and the most important thing when traveling to a new destination is safety. Barcelona is a pretty lovely place and like most lovely cities that attract tourists, there are petty thieves and criminals. In Barcelona, there are a LOT of pickpockets, especially in crowded places like the metro. So whatever you do, DO NOT leave your stuff unattended or your bags open in public. Also, don’t leave your mobile phones on top of the table while you’re eating out.

Barcelona Travel Tip 2 – Transportation

The public transportation (Subway and Bus) in Barcelona works very well. The best way to get around in the city is to get a T-FAMILIAR, which is a card that allows you 8 trips and can be used by several people at the same time. The only journey the T-FAMILIAR does not cover is entering the airport by train because then, you have to pay additional fares. With your T-FAMILIAR, you can transfer between train and metro/bus during your trips without any added cost. This is really helpful in situations where you need to move around via different modes of transportation.

Barcelona Travel Tip 3 – Weather

The best time to visit Barcelona is between May to September. The weather is warmer and, instead of moving around the city by bus, you can rent a bike. It is a very nice way of transportation because you get to see and enjoy every inch of the city without rush. Plus, Barcelona roads have bike lanes so you can drive safely and hey, it’s a cleaner way to travel!

Barcelona Travel Tip 4 – Night Travel

When you travel all the way from your home country to Barcelona, of course, you would want to enjoy the nightlife. Luckily, Barcelona’s nightlife is viby and enjoyable for any tourist. However, don’t get too caught up in the moment you forget to order a ride back home. We recommend you order a taxi because they are reliable and cheaper.

The best way to do that is to download the Cabify app – it’s the Spanish Uber. And oh, it’s best you fill in your card details and other necessary information before you go out to enjoy the night. Why? Well, in case you get drunk after a wild night out (and trust me, Barcelona’s nightlife is so enjoyable you’ll most probably end up drunk lol) it will not be such a pain in the behind to get back to your hotel.

Barcelona Travel Tip 5 – La Costa Brava

When you visit Barcelona, you will most definitely visit La Costa Brava – known for its breathtaking beaches, local festivals, and live music performances. If you intend to travel to the place with the entire family, it is better to rent a car and be prepared to pay for parking. but at the same time is more Going by bus with the entire family is quite hectic especially in the summer when the buses are usually packed.

Barcelona Travel Tip 6 – The Cathedral and Sagrada Familia

Barcelona’s unfinished art nouveau masterpiece – the Sagrada Familia – is a beautiful architectural edifice you should visit in the city. If you plan to visit, just know that there are strict dress codes you need to adhere to. You cannot go into the Sagrada Familia or the Cathedral with uncovered shoulders, back, or legs. You cannot also wear a hat. In the Cathedral they give you a scarf to cover up but in Sagrada Familia, you have to buy it from the locals that sell outside. Normally it shouldn’t cost you more than 5€, but if you can avoid the extra cost by taking your own scarf, it will be better.

Barcelona Travel Tip 7 – Buying Tickets

If you want to visit places like the Sagrada Familia, it is best you get your tickets in advance. A total of 4.5 million people visit the Sagrada Familia a year and most people get disappointed when they can’t get in (I’ve actually seen people cry their eyes out LOL). You don’t want to be those people, so get your tickets on time. The same is also true for places like Park Güell.

Barcelona Travel Tip 8 – Identification

When moving within Barcelona, it is best you carry a form of ID with you…preferably your passport. Make a photocopy of your passport and carry it along to wherever you’re going. Don´t carry the original, remember the pickpockets I talked about before? Yeah, they might want to pull a swiper on you and make off with your belongings. Best to stay safe by keeping the original in your hotel. Asides from ID-ing yourself, your passport can also get you discounts if you are a Senior, Student, or Under 18 years.

Barcelona Travel Tip 9 – Sight-seeing

If you are going to be in Barcelona for a short time, maybe 1or 2 days, it is better you board the Hop-On, Hop-Off tour buses. They are a convenient and stress-free way to see all the top, “must-see” attractions in Barcelona. Using a bike is also a good option. These two options are best for short stays because public transportation will take you longer to get from one point to another and if you don’t have time on your side, that can be a drag.

Barcelona Travel Tip 10 – 100 Montaditos

We definitely can’t go a whole ten tips without talking about food. I mean, what other way to enjoy a city than to taste it right? To get cheap, fine-quality food, I recommend the “100 Montaditos”. It is a Mediterranean food franchise and on Wednesdays and Sundays, 99% of the menu is €1 – Yep, only €1!

As time goes on I’ll keep updating this article to bring you more Barcelona travel tips to help you truly experience the beautiful city of Barcelona to the fullest – without fuss, hitch, or stress.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Till then, Bye!

And see you in my next post!


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