Feel Free to visit Tibidabo and discover its greatness!
Feel Free to visit Tibidabo and discover its greatness!

Feel Free to visit Tibidabo and discover its greatness!


A must when you are a tourist in Barcelona!

Tibidabo means “I will give you.” A word originating from Latin, it’s now the name of one of the greatest Barcelona attractions. It’s at such a high elevation that you’ll feel as if the sky is an arm length’s away.

How to get to Tibidabo?

When visiting attractions in Barcelona, Tibidabo is a must! And don’t worry, getting there is easy peasy. We’ve got your guide right here! Let’s set up a central point: Plaça Catalunya. There are few ways to get there, but the one I think you’ll enjoy the most is the Tibidabo Funicular experience. I won’t spoil it for, just let me know what you thought later.

Highest point in Barcelona…at least to go with a regular outfit!!!

Ti-bi-da-bo, as some kids say, is located on top of “Sierra Collserola” a little more than 510 meters over the sea. It’s considered the highest point of the mountain range. The beautiful and picturesque scenery has an interesting history and a natural charm. The panoramic views will be the highlight of your day! This is one of Barcelona’s destinations that you just can’t miss.


The mix of the old and modern architecture contrast with the elevation of the landscape. From there, we can see The Expiatory Temple of Sacred Heart of Jesus, located at the hill’s peak, and the Collserola Tower, a modern telecommunications antenna beautifully complimenting the mountains with its unique architecture.

The Pastor Cruïlles Tower and Aigües Dos Rius Tower overlook historical buildings in the areal. The last one is 53 meters tall and features an authentic cilindric form, offering more exploration for visitors. Similarly, the luxurious La Florida Hotel welcomes visitors with amazing views of the city. 

Take pictures from the wheel of Fortune!!!

Tibidabo also boasts a variety of sites and trendy spots. The Tibidabo Amusement Park is the oldest in Spain that’s still operating (the third oldest in Europe). It offers great views of Barcelona’s cityscape and features small activity areas, making it the perfect place to go with kids.

Also, “make the most beautiful pictures for your Social Media, this place will,” as Yoda would say. The view is amazing and on a sunny day, you can capture wonders with your camera.

Enjoy Science!!!

Science enthusiasts will find Fabra Observatory to be a curious site with its circular rotating dome and telescope. 11 asteroids were discovered here between 1904 and 1937. The Science Museum is another wonder that offers dynamic displays detailing the branches of science.

Nature Promenade!!!

For art and nature fans, Joana Village is filled with the history of Jacint Verdaguer. It also offers a touch of nature in an otherwise busy city. We recommend coming here when you’re ready to wind down.

With so many beautiful places to enjoy, you have to visit Tibidabo before leaving Barcelona. It’s a wonderful place where the mountain views, landscape, and unique plant life provide an unforgettable experience where nature and city become one. Barcelona City is truly blessed to this beautiful destination.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article as much as I did writing it for you.

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Photo by Xavi Cabrera on Unsplash

I´ll leave the map so you won´t get lost 😉


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