What to do in Barcelona in days?
What to do in Barcelona in days?
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What to do in Barcelona in days?


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Thinking of visit Barcelona?

I think pretty much everyone when is planning a trip searches what to do at the destination and then organizes according to the days they´re gonna be there. This post has this purpose, to help you out with the organization of your itinerary so when you come you already know what to do in Barcelona depending on the days you´re staying.

On the next blog, I´ll recommend you, the name of few places I´ve been to have breakfast and lunch, depending on what Barcelona tourist attractions you´re nearby. You can check my article about The 4 Places You Can´T Miss In Barcelona! and then plan what to visit. 

*Common stuff for all the visits:

  • Buy the tickets in advanced
  • Sagrada Familia (except when it is raining) tries to do the tour after 16:00 in the summertime. Also if it´s raining or windy they cancel the tower tickets (it´s no big of a deal and you have to go down by stairs)
  • The Gothic Quarter always walking
  • Dress code for Sagrada and the Cathedral
  • Eat ice cream in Gelaaati, every time you pass by the Gothic area.

What to do in Barcelona in 1 Day! 

Sightseeing in Barcelona Spain

In order to organize better, let’s divide the types of tourists in Barcelona City, now, we´re not gonna talk about the ones who like the beach or the mountains, just the city. In my opinion, there are 2 ways of making the most of the day. 

  1. Visiting pretty much everything, but only on the outside and be able to take pictures from all around the city, which is really beautiful as you might have heard or seen in pictures. 

How can you do this? Easy answer: HOP ON HOP OFF BUS. There are two suppliers for this service, follow these two links and you´ll be able to check the timetable and the routes for each of them.

The price is pretty much the same, about 30€ per adult; seniors and children under 18 have discounts, and the kids under 4 are free. The duration of the routes is about 4,5 hours (adding all the routes in each case) the difference between the companies will be 10-15 minutes approx.

  1. The other way is by choosing an attraction of your preference, the one you think you cannot leave Barcelona without hasn´t been inside and organize the visit around it. Most people will recommend Sagrada Familia, which is up to you. Buy the ticket online as soon as you can. By doing this, you´ll spend at least 2 hours inside the place of your choice and after, you can include at least two of the routes of the HOP ON HOP OFF BUS, so you can enjoy a bit of the city.

What to do in Barcelona in 2 days!

Let´s see other Barcelona Tourist Spots

Since you don´t have much time I´ll recommend 1 day for the Gothic Quarter, including lunch and dinner, there you can walk through Las Ramblas and enjoy all the flowers and souvenirs kiosks and people as statues, The Cathedral, The Palau Güell, Palace of the Catalan Music and the Gothic´s tiny passageways.

For the second day, I´ll suggest something more Gaudinian, there are 4 places built by Gaudi, which for me are impressive: Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Casa Batlló, and Casa Milà (Check Gaudi Highlights POst and you´ll learn more about them). He built some other things, but these have something in common, they are nearby and you can do at least 2 of them the same day, without feeling like you´re dying. Casa Milà and Casa Batlló are just 3 blocks away from each other; Sagrada Familia is 10 blocks away from Casa Milà and the Park Güell is 7 mins by taxi from Sagrada Familia. Another suggestion I can make is Casa Milà has an amazing show at night that the rest of the places don´t have, so if you are well-rested and have all the strength in the world you can do whatever places you choose in the morning and then at night go quietly to Casa Milà and enjoy the visit and the Cava they provide there.

I´ll recommend public transportation, taxi and walking for these 2 days experience, because on the first day you´ll only walk through the Gothic area and there is no need for transportation, the second day, depending on what you choose to do and also where you´re staying you´ll see what kind of transportation you choose. In my “Travel tips for Barcelona” I explain about the T-Familiar, which is a card that allows you to do 8 trips, and is very helpful if you´re traveling with someone else, this is a logistic issue, depending on the location of your hotel/Airbnb and how many people you are, because for example, if u are four and the four of you are paying equally for everything, is cheaper to grab a cab. 

What to do in Barcelona in 3 days!

More Places to visit in Barcelona

Following the first line of thinking, we´ll continue with the HOP ON HOP OFF BUS, because it´s designed to reach almost the whole city (at least the tourist areas) and also, they offer a 2 days ticket too and in this way, you won’t miss the highlights of Barcelona, and most importantly, you won’t get lost.

In order to take advantage of this offer of the bus, you can do 1 day walking (and dying) and the other two you can take the bus. In the previous visit, the one within 2 days, I explain the walking tour should be through the Gothic Quarter, so we keep that one, and then we organize the other two days.

So, what can you do here?? Now we can structure this a little bit this itinerary by choosing which of the main attractions we´re gonna visit. 

When we finish the Gothic area we will have these attractions remaining to visit: 

  • Sagrada Familia
  • Recinte Modernista Sant Pau: It´s wise and practical to visit this one, the same day as Sagrada Familia, because they´re nearby.
  • Park Güell: you can take amazing pictures of Barcelona and the sea, from there. Also, the gardens are amazing!
  • Casa Milà: remember, better at night.
  • Casa Batlló
  • Palau Güell
  • Montjuic: Is not an attraction per se, but is a huge amount of attractions together in the area of Montjuic: The Olimpic Stadium with a beautiful tower next to it; the Nacional Museum of Contemporary Art, Miró Foundation, El Poble Espanyol and its lovely places for walking and taking pictures surrounded by nature. In my opinion, you need more than a day to enjoy everything it has to provide you.
  • Picasso Museum: It would be nice if you manage to visit it the day you do the Gothic, so in that way you can have pintxos next to it, and also coffee at ELS QUATRE GATS, the guide will explain to you what this place is.

The first five places, you can organize them as you please, I´ve already explained the distances between them and how much it would be, so is entirely up to you, the order to visit them. It would be nice though anyhow. 

If you don´t have much time left after visiting the Gaudi Pack (as I call these attractions above) I think Montjuic on the bus is the best option, in this way you will have an amazing experience and you´ll be a little tired to walk by.

I placed the Picasso Museum as an alternative for Montjuic because is more in the center and maybe you prefer to remain there which is also nice too.

What to do in Barcelona in 4 days!

Another Barcelona Tourist Attractions

We keep the Gothic, but this time, we´ll do it together with the Born Neighborhood, this tour is by walking and is amazing all the things you´ll learn and visit. All the places with this urban style among others more bohemian will make you feel the real vibe of Barcelona. This Itinerary will take two days and this time you will be able to go to the beach; the Picasso Museum is already included and all the wonders that wait for you hidden in its little stores, its marvelous churches, and the delicious food.

Then you can keep the rest as the previous 3 days tour because is up to you, you already know the attractions and how can you manage to make the most of those two days left.

Now is becoming a little bit more exciting, because is like this feeling when you touch the sand or earth and feel you are connected to it…here it happens the same, you feel the connection with the ambiance.

What to do in Barcelona in 5+ days!

Barcelona Tourist Places

Basically what we´re gonna do here is add stuff to do to the previous visit to Barcelona in 4 days itinerary, that is also amazing and will make your visit to Barcelona one of the most incredible adventures you´ve ever been to.

  • Tibidabo: This is a small theme park on top of the highest mountain of the city, the views are beyond compare. You just have to go there and take the best pictures ever.
  • If you come in July/August or January (after 6)/February you can go shopping on SALES, is a perfect opportunity to buy stuff in a very very low price and you can be fashionable like in Europe for a while.
  • Organize yourself Montjuic in a way you can enter every place there and walk by, it´s really really nice, trust me. In the summer they organize some sort of events there and you can enjoy them as well.
  • Visit Gracia Neighborhood, if you´ve ever been to Madrid is pretty much like Malasaña; an amazing place to have breakfast/lunch/dinner really urban and other tribes which I don´t know their names. I might sound old but is really cool there.
  • Montserrat Monastery: This is one of the most popular destinations here in Catalunya, it’s a Monastery located more than 60 km from Barcelona and 720 m over the sea. There is the sculpture of the Patroness of Catalunya: La Virgen de Montserrat or most known as La Moreneta. This place will leave you breathless.
  • La Costa Brava: These are basically beaches all over the Catalonian coast. It sounds simple but is really beautiful and in the summer there are a lot of village Fairies and is amazing. The water there is alike to the Caribbean (a little bit colder), there are a lot of coast towns designed to receive tourists and the attractions are really amazing.
  • Figueres: This is Dali’s hometown, the Museum is incredible, you can spend more than two hours wandering around and still you´ll be amazed by the things you´ll discover.

At this point you are no longer a tourist in Barcelona and you can also deliver a tour to your friends if you´d like.

I hope you´ve enjoyed this post, I made it with all my love and also my common sense of time and geographic distribution of the city of Barcelona and its tourist places.

Bye bye,

See you in my next post!


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